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Best Forex liquidity and spreads are provided to our traders on PCM International' platforms. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not pass orders to a liquidity-provider or a bank or a market-maker. This may result in a conflict of interest between our traders and them. We have a better strategy. It is implemented using state of the art technology from our sister concern IT firm, PCM Software Technology UK.

Our Meta Trader 4 is equipped with the most advanced MT4 Bridge and aggregator. It is capable of combining several market depths and generating most competitive ones. We always keep at least 3 spot exchanges and ECN nodes connected to our MT4 Bridge and aggregator. Some of the famous names who are trading on those spot exchanges and ECN nodes are mentioned below.


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There is a simple reason behind PCM International being the broker with best spreads and best Forex liquidity. We understand what institutional and professional Forex traders need when it comes to FX liquidity. Tight spreads and total anonymity are crucial.

The above financial giants provide highly competitive streams of quoted prices (STP technology) via those exchanges/nodes (ECN technology) on our platforms. However, they are not able to know where the trades are coming from. PCM International have heavily invested in partnership with such exchanges and ECN nodes and we clear all our trades with them directly. This eliminates the need to use a prime bank for clearing. It means lower cost for us and better spreads for our traders.

Tightest Forex spreads and liquidity we have managed to provide our retail traders is not all. We provide full forex transparency to our institutional traders. Our setup allows tracing each and every executed order to the final bank/trader that actually became the counter-party to that trade.

Which Forex broker provides the tightest Forex spreads and highest liquidity? This is an essential question all Forex traders ask. By putting ourselves in the place of traders, we are amongst the top Forex brokers offering the tightest spreads and the highest liquidity in the Forex business.  

As a result of carefully chosen partnerships that provide some of the widest ranges of instruments and most competitive spreads in the FX market, today more than 50 currency pairs, gold, silver, platinum and palladium, energy products, Soft and Agro-commodities and Indices are traded on our platforms.